Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome The Gyorffy Family!

Happy 2014!!

 Happy New Year to you!  It's good to be back with a family to feature on the blog to start things off right.....
How did you spend your holidays? Traveling? Staying home? A little of both?  Who's ready for "normal" to return?? Me!! Me!!

 If you're new here, this is how it works:
1) We feature a family on our blog for 1 week who is currently adopting.
2) We ask you (and you, you and you) to give $1 AND to share their story with your social media friends!  
3) The money goes either straight to the family via Paypal.  Never to us. Paypal is our BFF!
4) That's it!! It only takes a few minutes of your time to give and it makes a huge difference to our family of the week.

Time to meet our family of the week.  The Gyorffy Family (Michael, Raegan, Mallaney-8, Max-5 and Theo, who, sadly, passed away in 2012) is preparing for their 2nd and 3rd adoptions.  They are adopting a 4 year old little girl and 2 year old little boy from Uganda and hope to travel by February.  That's next month!  You can learn more about this sweet family on their BLOG. 

Let's watch their video.  Get ready to give to the Gyorffys.

The Gyorffy Adoption Journey from J K on Vimeo.

Hear from the Gyorrfys.....

We began our adoption journey in March 2013, with the intent of bringing home two children. We were matched quickly to a sweet little boy, Zeke (age 2) and a precious daughter, Leona (age 4). They have been waiting in the orphanage for a family for a long time, and we cannot wait to bring them into our crew! We are waiting on a court date, which will determine our travel timeframe. We hope to leave no later than February 2014.

This is our second international adoption. Our first brought our third child, Theo, into our family. He joined us forever in February 2011. Theo brought us so much joy and happiness! We knew we wanted to add to our family again through adoption; however, shortly after joining our family he was diagnosed with Leukemia. He began his fierce battle in June 2011, and passed away after a long and hard fought fight in January 2012.

Despite his illness, Theo was an incredible blessing to our family. We have grieved deeply the loss of our son. However, we look forward in hope to the future, knowing that two more children will join us. Although the pain of missing our son will not be assauged by our newest additions, there is joy and hope in our future. And we cannot wait.

Okay, time to get your dollars ready!!! DONATE HERE through Paypal.
Thanks so much for stopping by to support the Gyorffy Fam! We are looking forward to a great week and great kick off to raising funds for adoptive families this year!

1Timothy 6:18


  1. I encourage you to support this amazing family! Let's get Zeke & Leona home with their family!

  2. What an incredibly moving and beautiful tribute to the Gyorffy family! I continue to be amazed and inspired by your strength, spirit and love. I can't wait to meet Zeke and Leona!

  3. I love this, and have shared on my fb. I have received messages from friends who are also praying for you! I would like to send money directly to you. Can you message me on fb, and send your address? Much love!
    Cathy Pedersen

  4. God bless these families and G1S1 for all their hard work in getting their stories out!

  5. Thank you for your sweet comments and support of our G1S1 families! We appreciate it so much:)