Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Browned Down Lime Chicken

Today I'm venturing out. Normally I only cook sweets. I'm actually a really terrible cook because my husband is a really good one. He totally volunteered to be the chef as we embark on this Ethnic cooking series and I was to photograph it and blog it and all. But he got busy and I had to cook it too! And I did it. It was easy and yummy and even got kid-approval. So, let me show you how I made a little something called Browned Down Lime Chicken.

Browning Down is a term used in a Carribean kitchen. It's a simple process that can easily get botched if you aren't paying attention. It's simply caramelizing sugar in oil. The tricky part is not to let it burn! So, first you take your chicken thighs and salt and pepper them.

I apologize for the raw chicken photo. I am no Pioneer Woman and there's just nothing pretty about raw chicken. But anyways. 

Then you take 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil and sprinkle around 2 tablespoons of sugar. Don't stir it. Just put it on a low to medium heat and cover. Peak in a few times until it looks like this. But don't burn it. Pay attention!

Next we put in the chicken thighs. Put them in, pop on the lid and walk away for 10 minutes. It's now starting to smell crazy good. Flip them over and squeeze on the juice of two limes. Cook through (another 10 minutes-ish). Move to another dish and pour all the extra sauce on.

We served  them up with Carribean Mash, which (correct me if I'm wrong), seems to be sweet potato fries. That's what they eat instead of white potato fries. I totally cheated and bought a bag of sweet potato fries. Super successful dinner. Let me know how you like it. 

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