Monday, August 25, 2014

Welcome the Morgan family!

Meet Sam, Stacie, their two daughters, and one of their sons!

Gage has been home since November 2013. They are hoping to head to pick up their other son, Gunner, in October!

Gunner has been waiting for four years to meet his forever family and it is almost here.

Let's help the Morgan family get there!

If you haven't heard of Give1Save1 until now, let me tell you how this works. Every week we feature a family. A family just like any other family, but one that has a child waiting for them. A big hurdle in every adoption is the huge financial commitment. Each week the followers of this blog give a dollar (or two or three) to help carry the family just a little bit closer to the finish line of fundraising!

Join us! Join the Morgan family! Help bring Gunner home $1 at time!! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Meet the Bolin Family!!

So, there is this family called the Bolin Family
and they are adopting from Uganda.

They sent in a video.

Okay, pause.
Let me be real for a moment.
Don't judge.
I don't always watch all the videos. Ack. I know....
I said, "don't judge."
But I opened this one up and went all crazy.
I turned off my music, shut down hulu, logged off facebook 
and actually watched this one. It's fast, and really well done.
Dude, they even have microphones on!
Who are these people?!?

Well, they are the Bolin's. They have this energy that just flows out of the video. They are funny and cute.
They have huge hearts that want to give a sibling set from Uganda a home. And they happen to have made a pretty awesome video...just sayin'.

This is so easy. Watch the video (prepare for the awe factor), head to youcaring and donate $1, go to facebook and share this page with your friends and ask them to donate $1. Did you know that actually asking them to participate greatly increasing the odds that they will? True social media tip for the day.
Don't forget to follow their blog to keep up with their adoption!



Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy Saturday to You!

It's a beautiful Saturday! What are you doing today? Reading? Catching up on laundry? Playing outside? We're doing a little of everything at our house.

Thanks for stopping in and supporting our family of the week. The Morales family is raising funds for their adoption of Tommy. Have you given yet? Check out their video on the earlier post below. 
Thanks so much for your support! One dollar really does go a long way!

Enjoy your weekend! Find some time to relax and be grateful. It's a beautiful day!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Meet the Morales Family!

Hey friends! I'm so glad you came by the blog today! We're always so happy to have new people visit and support our adoptive families.
Time to introduce our family of the week. 

After being together for 19 years, their family is growing! Stephen and Melissa Morales are adopting a handsome 10 year old boy from China.  They saw him on the Waiting Child List and it was love at first sight.

Take a look at their sweet video:)

The Morales' are hoping to raise enough money to help cover plane tickets and travel expenses.  It's getting close to time to go get their son, Tommy, and bring him home!  Can you help
Stephen and Melissa have a YouCaring fund for donations. Visit this site to give your dollars!
Thanks, friends! I hope you have a wonderful week:)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Say Hello to the Happ Family!

Meet Cindy and Phil, and their daughters, Mia and Anna. The Happs are adopting 13 year old Karli from China! Karli is about to age out! But her family found her just in time! Follow the Happ family's journey to bring home Karli at there blog:

Help bring Karli home, $1 at a time!

Click Here to Donate

Friday, August 1, 2014

Family Update

Have you seen the Graney family's posts being shared on social media.  We need your help to show this family love.  Please share their into blog post on your facebook and blog for their last few days as our family of the week.  Can we help push them over 9150?  That's just a little more!

Share, Share, Share!  They are so excited to get their little one home, but we need everyone's help!

Head on over to their YouCaring page to donate your dollar. Thanks so much!