Monday, August 25, 2014

Welcome the Morgan family!

Meet Sam, Stacie, their two daughters, and one of their sons!

Gage has been home since November 2013. They are hoping to head to pick up their other son, Gunner, in October!

Gunner has been waiting for four years to meet his forever family and it is almost here.

Let's help the Morgan family get there!

If you haven't heard of Give1Save1 until now, let me tell you how this works. Every week we feature a family. A family just like any other family, but one that has a child waiting for them. A big hurdle in every adoption is the huge financial commitment. Each week the followers of this blog give a dollar (or two or three) to help carry the family just a little bit closer to the finish line of fundraising!

Join us! Join the Morgan family! Help bring Gunner home $1 at time!! 

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