Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome the VanKoevering Family!

Meet Shannon and Cameron VanKoevering and their daughters, Tatelynn (18), Quincey (16), and Haidyn (13)!

We are the VanKoevering Family. We are a bunch of girls...and one pretty lucky daddy :] We are excited to be adding one more pretty special little girl!! 

It was about two years ago that God laid on our hearts the desire to adopt. We had learned about the many orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and of the horrible things happening in that country. So...we had a plan. Adopt a little boy [or two] from the DRC. But...God had different plans. He said "wait." The agency we had chosen was not open for applications to the DRC, and we needed to save up the money needed for a home study & the application fee. So...we waited.

Fast forward to Spring 2013. We found out about a sweet little girl in Ghana who needed a pretty major surgery to treat her Spina Bifida. We wanted to help and so we supported the fundraiser, and prayed for her. And...found ourselves falling in love with her. First our youngest. Then our middle daughter and then our oldest, who was able to travel to Ghana to meet this sweet girl. Soon we were all head over heals in love with this sweet, sweet girl.

We knew that God was calling us to take the steps to add her to the our family! Making us a household of 5 amazing ladies & and that one pretty lucky daddy!!

Shannon and Cameron are adopting 5 year old girl with Spina Bifida and Club Feet from Ghana. They have passed court and are waiting to travel to pick her up. Follow their adoption journey at their blog or facebook page.

Let's rain down blessings on the VanKoeverings this week! You can help!

1. PRAY for the VanKoeverings, their daughter, and the adoption process.

2. SHARE this post on all your social media!

3. DONATE $1 or more to their adoption at Pure Charity.

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