Monday, September 29, 2014

Meet the Hilleslands!

Meet Deborah and Brian Hillesland! 

The Hilleslands are a blended family with 8 children. Their older children who are out of the home are Karah (23 yrs), Samantha (23 yrs), Tamra (21 yrs), Matthew (21 yrs), and Dane (19 yrs). Still at home still are Joshua (17 yrs), James (15 yrs),  and Johnny (8 yrs).

With 5 having left the nest and 3 still home, most families would be looking ahead to an empty nest. But Deborah and Brian know that they have more love to give! Brian and Deborah decided to adopt. As soon as they have the money to pay the referral fee they will be matched with two children between the ages of 7 and 13! 

Can you help the Hilleslands raise the funds to bring their children home? We ask you to donate $1! Or if your fealing generous, why not donate $2, since the Hilleslands are adopting 2 children?!

2 Ways to Donate

Click Here To Donate on Pure Charity

Follow their adoption on their blog and Facebook page!

Facebook page:  "Eight Is Not Enough"

Monday, September 22, 2014

Say Hello to the Gotbetters!

Happy Monday! Do you have your $1 ready? Are you excitedly waiting to meet this weeks family? 

First, let me tell you about the sweet boy our family of the week is adopting!  Wills is age 2 1/2  and has spina bifida, hydrocephalus and a heart condition. He currently lives in an orphanage in China.

Soon, Wills will have a daddy and mommy - Tommy and Brittan Gotbetter! He will also have lots of love from siblings! Thomas (9), West (6 1/2), Hartley (4), Molly (3 1/2) are waiting to bring home their new brother Wills! 

Keep up with the Gotbetters on their blog:

Click here to Donate $1 or more on YouCaring!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

And the winner is...

The person named in this video and, of course, our family this week!! These girls are adorable :)

Did you read that??
$982 as of Wednesday!
You guys. Wow. Just. Wow.

We thank you. The Ryan Family thanks you. 

Keep sharing the video and encouraging others to join you on this journey of giving! 

Haven't given yet? It's not too late!

Follow their story on Forever Home.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Giveaway from the Ryan Family

Guess what? Oh, wait, this won't be a surprise because you already read the title of this blog post. So you already know the Ryans are have a givaway. I will let then tell you all about it in their on words:

"Okay, it's time for a Give 1 Save 1 Giveaway! We will do two giveaways this week, one today (Wednesday) and one Sunday. Everyone who has made a donation of any amount by 9:00 pm tonight will be entered to win 5 in the package LEGO movie mini figures!! We will draw two names and each winner will be shipped FIVE random mini figures. So, keep sharing our video and donate today!! Thank you so much to everyone who has blessed us so far with prayers, encouragement, and donations. We cannot wait to tell Marcus about this whole experience some day!"

-Jennifer and Chris Ryan

You Can Donate Here:

Monday, September 15, 2014

Welcome the Ryan Family!

Check out that smile! 
The Ryan family can't wait for it to light up their family room in Texas!

This 4 year old boy with spina bifida has been waiting, but NOW has a momma, a daddy, and two sisters praying for him and longing for him to be a part of their everyday lives... and he will be soon! They hope to travel this winter.
 That's only ONE season away. 

Yes. I am already in the fall mindset even if it isn't officially fall yet. Bring on the pumpkin everything!! 

What can you do to help? I'm so glad you asked. Y'all are amazing.

CLICK HERE to donate. A dollar or five or ten. 

What we do here at Give1Save1 is give a dollar or more every week to our featured adoptive family. If you can, we'd love you to come back every week, pray for the family, donate, and share their story. This simple act of kindness (that takes less than 10 minutes a week) is making a real impact!! 

The Ryans adoption give1 save1 from lone star on Vimeo.

Don't forget to follow them at their blog and website!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Give Away!

It's so fun when our family of the week host's a giveaway during their spotlighted week!

They will be hosting a gift card giveaway through TOMORROW night, so click on over, donate a dollar, and get entered into their giveaway.

Other way's you can help this family is to pray for them, and their children as they wait for a match.  Anyone who has been there, knows the excitement that happens, but every day is one day longer they wait for their little brother.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Meet the Hardaway family!

Good Morning!

Is everyone starting to enjoy cooler weather, or did you get hit with the hottest days of the summer just recently like us?  What about school? How many of you have sent your kids off and then embraced the quite, even for just a few moments?

Grab your Monday morning cup of coffee, and meet this fantastic family.

The Hardaway's have a love for adoption knit into their hearts. Melissa was adopted as in infant, and Brian is the big brother of all five of his adopted siblings.  He knows exactly how their two girls, Taylor and Tena feel, waiting in anticipation to bring home their new baby brother.

The Hardaway's home study ready and waiting for a match for a domestic adoption, hopefully a little baby boy!  They have their hearts open to a special needs child, but really just want to find the child God has planned for their family.

You can watch the video, and then hop on over to their blog and read how they've been preparing to bring their third child home.

Please click HERE to be linked to their donation account!  Have a wonderful week!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome the VanKoevering Family!

Meet Shannon and Cameron VanKoevering and their daughters, Tatelynn (18), Quincey (16), and Haidyn (13)!

We are the VanKoevering Family. We are a bunch of girls...and one pretty lucky daddy :] We are excited to be adding one more pretty special little girl!! 

It was about two years ago that God laid on our hearts the desire to adopt. We had learned about the many orphans in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and of the horrible things happening in that country. So...we had a plan. Adopt a little boy [or two] from the DRC. But...God had different plans. He said "wait." The agency we had chosen was not open for applications to the DRC, and we needed to save up the money needed for a home study & the application fee. So...we waited.

Fast forward to Spring 2013. We found out about a sweet little girl in Ghana who needed a pretty major surgery to treat her Spina Bifida. We wanted to help and so we supported the fundraiser, and prayed for her. And...found ourselves falling in love with her. First our youngest. Then our middle daughter and then our oldest, who was able to travel to Ghana to meet this sweet girl. Soon we were all head over heals in love with this sweet, sweet girl.

We knew that God was calling us to take the steps to add her to the our family! Making us a household of 5 amazing ladies & and that one pretty lucky daddy!!

Shannon and Cameron are adopting 5 year old girl with Spina Bifida and Club Feet from Ghana. They have passed court and are waiting to travel to pick her up. Follow their adoption journey at their blog or facebook page.

Let's rain down blessings on the VanKoeverings this week! You can help!

1. PRAY for the VanKoeverings, their daughter, and the adoption process.

2. SHARE this post on all your social media!

3. DONATE $1 or more to their adoption at Pure Charity.