Monday, September 29, 2014

Meet the Hilleslands!

Meet Deborah and Brian Hillesland! 

The Hilleslands are a blended family with 8 children. Their older children who are out of the home are Karah (23 yrs), Samantha (23 yrs), Tamra (21 yrs), Matthew (21 yrs), and Dane (19 yrs). Still at home still are Joshua (17 yrs), James (15 yrs),  and Johnny (8 yrs).

With 5 having left the nest and 3 still home, most families would be looking ahead to an empty nest. But Deborah and Brian know that they have more love to give! Brian and Deborah decided to adopt. As soon as they have the money to pay the referral fee they will be matched with two children between the ages of 7 and 13! 

Can you help the Hilleslands raise the funds to bring their children home? We ask you to donate $1! Or if your fealing generous, why not donate $2, since the Hilleslands are adopting 2 children?!

2 Ways to Donate

Click Here To Donate on Pure Charity

Follow their adoption on their blog and Facebook page!

Facebook page:  "Eight Is Not Enough"

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