Monday, October 6, 2014

Meet the Sell Family!

This amazing family is excited to be growing their family by one more little girl, but the best part is that she is the biological sibling to their youngest little one, who they just adopted 17 months ago! What an amazing thing to be able to welcome this sweet girl into their family, but as you can imagine, adopting a second baby so soon was not only a surprise, but will be financially taxing for the Sells.  Show the love this week by praying for this little girl, sharing their story, and donating a dollar.

Watch their video and hear how Leia joined their family, and how they found out about her little sister.  You'll also meet the rest of the family, and see the love they share.

 Aren't they amazing!  

Head on over to this link to donate!


  1. We are a Give1Save1 Family from several weeks ago. I don't know where in FL you are going to, but if we can be of help we live in Gainesville and would love to meet you!

    1. hi ash... sorry i missed your comment til now. we are headed to tampa area,
      so a little ways away. but, we're likely to be there awhile, so if you're around tampa,
      let us know :)... prayers for your adoption journey! vanessa