Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Meet the Thurston Family

Meet Todd & Tobey Thurston!

The Thurstons went to India to help build a school; they ended up building their family as well!

Mahesh made a special impression on the Thurstons when they went on a mission trip to India to help build a school in 2011.  The visited again in 2012 and Tobey was able to go again in 2013.  Todd & Tobey believe God has called them to adopt Mahesh and they are touched by Mahesh’s humility and his navigation with a partially paralyzed arm. As he waits for his parents to navigate through the adoption process, he is practicing English.

Learn more about the Thurston's journey on their video.

You can be part of bringing Mahesh home with your $1 (or more!) donation.  Partner with them for donations and more information via their website.

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