Monday, October 20, 2014

The Carroll Family

Dani and JT are adventure seekers that never expected
to find themselves in the biggest adventure of their lives
to travel the world and bring home their son!

It has been such a journey of God working 
miracle after miracle to lead them to one 
little boy!

They are getting SO close and they are really, really needing
to find generous hearts that want nothing more than to help others who are adopting!!

Here is their video 

Here is their blog link!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Meet the Thurston Family

Meet Todd & Tobey Thurston!

The Thurstons went to India to help build a school; they ended up building their family as well!

Mahesh made a special impression on the Thurstons when they went on a mission trip to India to help build a school in 2011.  The visited again in 2012 and Tobey was able to go again in 2013.  Todd & Tobey believe God has called them to adopt Mahesh and they are touched by Mahesh’s humility and his navigation with a partially paralyzed arm. As he waits for his parents to navigate through the adoption process, he is practicing English.

Learn more about the Thurston's journey on their video.

You can be part of bringing Mahesh home with your $1 (or more!) donation.  Partner with them for donations and more information via their website.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Meet the Sell Family!

This amazing family is excited to be growing their family by one more little girl, but the best part is that she is the biological sibling to their youngest little one, who they just adopted 17 months ago! What an amazing thing to be able to welcome this sweet girl into their family, but as you can imagine, adopting a second baby so soon was not only a surprise, but will be financially taxing for the Sells.  Show the love this week by praying for this little girl, sharing their story, and donating a dollar.

Watch their video and hear how Leia joined their family, and how they found out about her little sister.  You'll also meet the rest of the family, and see the love they share.

 Aren't they amazing!  

Head on over to this link to donate!