Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Giveaway from the Ryan Family

Guess what? Oh, wait, this won't be a surprise because you already read the title of this blog post. So you already know the Ryans are have a givaway. I will let then tell you all about it in their on words:

"Okay, it's time for a Give 1 Save 1 Giveaway! We will do two giveaways this week, one today (Wednesday) and one Sunday. Everyone who has made a donation of any amount by 9:00 pm tonight will be entered to win 5 in the package LEGO movie mini figures!! We will draw two names and each winner will be shipped FIVE random mini figures. So, keep sharing our video and donate today!! Thank you so much to everyone who has blessed us so far with prayers, encouragement, and donations. We cannot wait to tell Marcus about this whole experience some day!"

-Jennifer and Chris Ryan

You Can Donate Here:

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