Friday, November 1, 2013

Helping Give1Save1

I don't know if you have notices, but here at Give1Save1 we are a little different. We are not your average grant organization. In reality we boil down to a bunch of adoptive moms with a passion to see every orphan in a family. We want to help other families that find themselves feeling stuck. 

We are not a non-profit. We don't have any advertisements on our page. We blog for the people by the people. 

Opportunities are all around us to grow and help more families. But we get stuck. We really, really want to get out to spread the word more efficiently and help more families.

We came up with a tshirt to help fund us a little further. Right now we are taking pre-orders.
You can order on our store site through storenvy.
Our verse is directly underneath the logo.
They are $20 and if you are interested in more we can give a discount!
Shipping is free! Woot.

Also, I am counting on your generosity to overlook the fact that my eight year old
snapped this picture. I promise when I have two seconds to update it.
...when I have two seconds...

Have you been blessed by us in the past and would like to help us help more families?
Do you love being a part of Give1Save1?

Thanks guys!

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  1. LOVE the Tee! Can't wait to order one for me, and one for our adoption tee shirt quilt!!!