Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Letters

I'm blessed to call several birthmom's my friends.  They have given me a unique perspective, and also have helped me navigate the relationship with our son's birth family.  Though our adoption is currently closed, at their request, it doesn't stop me from writing letters that I hope someday they will read and cherish.

    We try to do something each holiday season for them, always with a holiday picture, and if I can figure out a way to include hand prints or foot prints, I do!  We've done a white hand print with bunny ears, a reindeer out of his feet, and now that he's getting old enough to color, I make sure to include his art work in every letter.  If you're looking for some creative ideas to begin doing with your child, I love this website!

    Our family is big on traditions during Christmas time; we always make cookies, go and look at the lights, set up our tree with egg nog in our cups, and many many more.  When we met with his birth family before Isaac was born, they told us one of the things that they liked about us were all these traditions, so I always make sure to show them what we've done with Isaac during the holiday season. 

    As an adoptive parent, I feel like it's important to always remember the family that my son has that isn't able to experience these moments, but make them feel very much a part of his life. 

What do you do to help your child's birth family connect with you around the holidays?

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