Saturday, December 7, 2013

Asking for help

I know we have touched on this subject before but I’ve been told and I agree that this subject needs its own blog post.  Give1Save1 needs your help. Those of us that run Give1Save1 are essentially a small handful of moms who have recently adopted or are in the process of adopting. We volunteer our time because we feel strongly about orphan care. God has burdened our hearts to do more and to continue to help others bring their children home.

I have a hard time asking for help.  All of those feelings that I had while fundraising for our own adoption seem to creep right back into my heart. I dread asking for help, dread. I thought I had left that pride behind, but apparently not.  Asking for help is never, ever easy. God clearly still has lessons here for me.

We don’t have sponsors to go to because we are not a non-profit. We don’t have fundraisers to help us. When we pay for something it’s from our own pockets. Give1Save1 is growing and that is an incredible blessing to be a part of and to see. As it grows so does our responsibility to our families that we feature. We are doing our very best to get the word out, to research social marketing, to blog well. To continue to help our families we feel it is very important to have booths at adoptive conferences and make ourselves visible. They are THE place to find others with a passion for adoption, and who want a way to help others adopt. We need to grow our members in order for our families to continue to receive support. Our membership fluctuates greatly. Some come just for a specific family, some give weekly, it just depends on their reasons. It is a huge goal of ours to make those numbers larger and more steady for our families.

We are headed to Created for Care as Vendors in February. It is a HUGE opportunity for others to see what we do and jump on board, but we need your help getting there. There are registration fees, hotel fees, airplane tickets to be purchased and more! Would you be willing to partner with us and donate one dollar to help us continue what we do?

On our store site there are two donation buttons, one for $1 and one for $5.  If you want to give more than that, SWEET! You just add multiples into your cart!! We are also continuing to take orders on our tshirts that you can find on our store site as well.
If you have been a family in the past and were blessed by Give1Save1 would you consider paying it forward so that more families can be blessed? Have you followed us and love what we are doing, but wondered how to do more?  

I cannot tell you what blessings you all have been to us, to see families each week being blessed by strangers is SO amazing. Thank you for everything you do!


  1. Ummmmmm..... I attempted to make a $5 donation and it tells me they are SOLD OUT???

    1. Uh-oh! That's a fluke…..the donations are "back in stock";) Thanks!!