Monday, January 20, 2014

The Duvall family!!

I'm happy to introduce you to the Duvall family this week. They have the sweetest little video. It's short so take the two minutes to "meet" their family! They have the most. adorable. kids. They are adding to their family a new son, another brother, Asher.

Asher is six years old now. I remember the ache in my heart when I realized how long my son had sat in an orphanage. Six years is a long time to sit and wait. Do you know how aware these kids are that they are waiting to be chosen? I'll never forget the day that my son asked me what took me so long to get to him, never. Asher sits and waits. There is paperwork, and more paperwork, and ridiculous government bureaucracy, fees to be paid, fundraising to be done, and in the middle of that is one family whose hearts are aching to bring home their son.

We can't help with the paperwork, or the bureaucracy (if you know them personally take a meal to them! Give momma a night off from cooking) but we can help with the stress of fees looming over their head. We can end their fundraising right here, right now. We can tell the world that Asher matters! Who is with me?!?

(Ahem, where is my podium when I need one.)

Please, go check out their blog. They are selling super cute tshirts as well. 

Donate on their blog!
On the left hand side is a donate button 
that will take you to paypal.
Family Blog

Here is the link for 

And here is that video with those crazy cute kiddos.

give 1 save 1 video from Carly Duvall on Vimeo.

Be blessed today, My Friends.


  1. The PayPal link isn't working- it takes me to an error page.