Monday, January 27, 2014

Welcome the Koprowski Family!

Can you believe that January is almost over?!?
Let's end it on high note and help our next amazing family bring home two sweethearts from the DRC!
The Koprowski family started down the path to adopt from Africa in February of 2013. They knew when they committed to the Democratic Republic of the Congo that they were putting their hearts and money on the line, but with so many waiting children there, they knew they had to. Shortly after, a 3 year old little girl on the waiting child list stole their hearts. What is better than one less orphan? Two less orphans! (Shameless plug for their Facebook page) The family has also accepted the referral of a 4 month old baby girl!
 Did I mention they have two boys and two girls already at home?
 Some would call them crazy, but as an adoptive mom of six total children myself,
I like to think they are normal.
Here is where you come in.
See those empty chairs in the photo above? Let's do what we can to help this family fill them!
Checklist to help the Koprowski's
1.   Watch their video to get to know them more.
3. Share their video EVERYWHERE on Social Media!
4. Repeat #3 multiple times this week until all your friends are considering blocking your emails, post, pins, or until all of your friends share the video too.
5. Collect all your change this week and donate again. This one is a challenge from my kids. They started an adoption change jar to help bring our sons home and now we are using it to help our Give1Save1 families each week!
Easy enough? Good.
Time to bless this family's socks off!



  1. I'm not sure if its just me, but there isn't a video showing up. It looks like there's a space for one though.