Monday, February 10, 2014

Say Hello to the Hull Family!

Meet the Hull Family! Ryan and Tracy have 4 beautiful children, Kai, Grace, David and Ji Ji. In the past five years, they have adopted three times (twice from Korea and once from China.) Ryan and Tracy thought their family was complete. Then last September, they learned about Thomas, an older boy with special needs in China who is waiting for a family.


Time is running our for Thomas. He will age out of the adoption program in March, so the Hulls are working as quickly as possible to adopt him. Follow their adoption journey at their blog, Taking the Slow Boat to Thomas and their Facebook page.

After three adoptions, the Hulls have exhausted their financial resources. They will be traveling soon to bring Thomas home before he ages out in March. Let's help the Hulls raise the money to travel to China and adopt Thomas! Click here to give a tax-deductible donation at Pure Charity.  Or send a donation through PayPal to:

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