Monday, February 3, 2014

Say Hello to the Likes family!

Meet the Likes family!  
They are currently in the process of adopting two more children from the DRC to add to their beautiful family.  They brought their daughter home from Ethiopia last April. While in Etheopia, they talked with many people about the children with HIV+ statuses.  Their hearts ached for these kids, because so often, their positive status kept people from seeing the child.  After much prayer, and direction from God, they decided to begin the adoption process for their next children from the DRC.  Though the adoption program is unstable due to the continuing war in the Congo, they know that their children are there, waiting for them. You can follow thier adoption journey through their blog here.

They have raised enough funds for their first referral, and are in the process of raising money for their second child's referral fee.

Get your dollars ready, and donate to this family this week, better yet, give TWO DOLLARS for their two children waiting for them!

You can donated to their adoption fund here through paypal

Share their video on ALL your social media pages

In this month dedicated to love, let's shower this family and their waiting children with LOVE (and dollars!)!!!


  1. Really like the song in the video - haven't heard it before! Do you know the name/artist? Thanks!

  2. Won't You Be My Love, by Mercy Me :)

  3. Cried all the way through the video.