Monday, February 17, 2014

Welcome the Peat Family!

Hello, everyone! I'm so glad you stopped by the blog.  We are having such a wonderful much love and support being shown to our families:)

This week, we are featuring the Peat Family.  Erin and Mike Peat have 4 (very cute!) children at home and are waiting to bring 2 (very cute!) children home from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They hope to travel very soon! They were made a family (legally) last year, now they're ready to be HOME together.

Let's watch their video.

From the Peats.....
"We started this process officially in August 2012 and signed with our agency in September of that same year. We originally were in the process to adopt twin girls but after several months their case fell through. I was completely heartbroken. We have one set of twins and I was overjoyed at the thought of having the privilege to parent another set. However, God had different plans. We saw a picture of this little boy in March & he tugged on my heart for weeks. I looked at his picture every day and prayed for him to find a family. When it was clear the case for the twins couldn't move forward we immediately said YES to this sweet boy. His name means 'Hope' in French and that has brought me comfort & re-assurance. We are continuing to hope he and his sister will be home soon.

In December we had the privilege to travel to the DRC and spend a week with them. This should have been a trip to bring them home but because of the state of DRC adoptions it was only for a visit. It was the most amazing thing to meet them and get to know them and we are now even more desperate to bring them home and have them join their siblings. Saying good-bye was gut wrenching but we are hopeful it won't be for long!"

You can read about their visit at their BLOG. (There's a donate button there, too!)

Are you ready to help the Peat family with last minute expenses? They are waiting for their call to go pick up their children. Let's bless them this week! You can give through Paypal right here:)

Thanks, friends! Have a great week!

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