Monday, March 17, 2014

Welcome the Long Family!!

Jerry and Jennifer's children, Brooks, Reese, and Hannah, are ready to bring their brother home very soon!
Hannah and Chazz were in the same nanny group at the orphanage in Shenyang, China. They have spent the last 5 years praying for him as they looked at pictures of the two children together! This family knows that this boy is the one God is sending them to and even though there will be extra challenges along the way, they are trusting God will help them through. He has microtia autresia - meaning he doesn't have fully formed external ears and is hearing impaired. Learning English at 8 years old with hearing impairment won't be easy, but having a family behind him supporting him and getting him the help he needs will make it possible! Follow their adoption at their blog here.

How do you know Brooks and Reese are excited about having Chazz as their brother?
These boys made the video for their week on Give1Save1!! I can't wait for you to see it :)
Now, it is time to do what we do every week!
Watch. Give. Share.
Watch the video.
Share their story with your friends and family.
That's it folks! This simple act is helping bring children home to their forever families every. single. week. one dollar at time!

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