Monday, March 10, 2014

Welcome the Solecki Family!

This is so special for me to be able to introduce this family! When my family started the adoption process for Uganda, I was blessed to be connected with Melissa Solecki who had just recently gotten back to the states bringing home the one who was supposed to complete their family. Melissa is an encourager and a prayer warrior and a great friend and one of a few God used to help me feel comfortable committing to international adoption and... well, you get the point. Okay. Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog post.

Welcome the Solecki Family!!
Michael, Melissa, and their four b-e-a-utiful daughters. Their story pulls at your heartstrings. God calling them to Bridget in Uganda. Raising funds. Sacrificing to make it happen. Watching God bring it all together. Then, they go to the orphanage to bring her home and there. he. is. Their son. A 12 year old boy with a heart for the Lord and a contagious joy.

She shared with us a few words about how it happened...

"We never considered adopting an older boy - or really a boy. With four girls at home, we were pretty content with glitter, princesses, and pink - I can only describe our connection with J as God sent." 

... and then later...

"We weren't going to be the Solecki 6... ironic because in the Bible, 7 is a number that represents completion - so, in a way, that trip did complete our family - we just didn't know we were missing a piece."

Here is that missing piece with his arm around me. Looking at a photo of his beautiful Mom. Thanking me for showing him. Asking for more photos. Calling his friends to come look. Telling me to tell his family that he loves them. It was only ten or fifteen minutes that I spent talking to him, but you don't need more time then that to see the love and connection this young man has with his family... his family that is trying to bring him home. Without further ado, here is that family's video!

Want some good news? They should be traveling in April or May! Want more good news? They have been awarded a $5,000 matching grant!! That means your $1 turns in to $2 or your $5 turns in to $10 or your $10 turns in to $20. For people like me who like to find good deals (I'm a sucker for 50% sales and BOGO deals!), this is money well spent.

Check out their blog for some giveaways and, also, if you want to save them the fees for using Paypal, go to for directions on how to mail your donation directly to Lifesong for Orphans.



  1. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to share our story! We are blown away by what God has done in the past 10 months since coming home with Bridget! The fact that were were able to turn around and raise the funds necessary to adopt our son in less than a year is all God! We are so close to our goal. Thank you for being a part of our story.

  2. Melissa- we are so thrilled for you guys! What a wonderful blessing to go back and get your SON! We will definitely keep you both in our prayers. Much Love, Will and Jenn