Monday, May 12, 2014

Meet the Dyck Family!

Mary and Philip Dyck raised their three children, Marilyn (24), Caitlyn (22), and Philip (19). Most parents would consider themselves done parenting by now, but Pilip and Mary aren't. Last summer, they hosted 15 yr old Sasha from Ukraine. Another family hosted Sasha's twin, Albina. After hosted Sasha, the Dycks have decided to adopt both Sasha and Albina!

They Dycks have their dossier complete and sent to Ukraine. They hope to travel in June to adopt Sasha and Albina!

You can help the Dycks adopt Sasha and Albina!

1. The situation with Russia and Ukraine has been sticky for months now. Please PRAY for stability while the Dycks and other families are trying to complete their adoption!

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4. Follw their adoption journey at their blog.

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