Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer's Here! We Want To Hear From You!

Good morning and happy summer!!! Did it sneak up on anyone else?  How are you spending your "lazy" days?  Or should I say, how are your kids spending their lazy days...    My boys are loving being out of school, although, I'm sure the "Mom, I'm bored!!" will start soon. Our 4 year old doesn't know it's summer:) 
What are your summer plans?  Are you more of a low key family or do you like trips?  Amusement parks or camping? The beach or a staycation? 
Do you have any fun summer traditions, like making ice cream, water balloon fights, lemonade stands? Share them with us!!

Which one is your ideal getaway??

What about those of you with children who haven't been part of your family for long? Do you plan on staying closer to home or does your child enjoy being on the go? Our daughter, home 6 1/2 months, likes to be busy, but HAS TO know what to expect.  Hotel rooms can be a little bit tricky;) 

Leave us your best tips for having fun during the (sometimes-->) long weeks of summer!! We love hearing from you! Do you have a Pinterest board for fun activities for your kids?  Leave the link on comments so we can check it out, too! Share the love!


Have you missed giving to our families over the past few weeks? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us! Take a few minutes to scroll back through our previous posts and give your $1s!! I promise, they will love it! Stay tuned for our family of the week next week.   
THANK YOU for following along and being generous.  We all appreciate your generosity:):)  

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