Monday, June 30, 2014

Introducing the Hodgson's!!

I met Liz at an Usborne party. What are the chances?
Basically, she is adorable.
Like I want to squish her adorable.

She has this teeny, tiny, sweet voice that makes you 
want to sit and listen to her for ages.

So, I did. Well, it wasn't ages. But it was long enough to hear her story.
Long enough for me to tell her to be sure to apply to Give1Save1.
Long enough for me to actually have hug/squished her.

She didn't tell me the entire fam was so delightfully adorable!
Squishing those kiddo's is now on my bucket list.
Behold, the cuteness!!!

They have such a sweet spirit in their family and
I love their hearts for adoption. 
Right now they are headed to adopt a newborn in the next week and a half. They are hoping to use the funds from this week to cover some travel expenses.
They are praying for $1,000.
We can handle that, right? 
Let's wipe that $1,000 right off for them!

First: Watch the video

Second: Copy and paste the link of the blog into your facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus, wherever and however you want, but share it! Tell their story and ask your friends to help by donating $1

Third: Donate to their adoption fund by giving $1 through this link.

They have a family blog that you can follow at

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