Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Friday Shopping for a Cause

Can I be real for a minute? I used to love, love, love Black Friday shopping. Then I went through the adoption process. Suddenly, Black Friday lost it's luster. I just can't get into the frenzy anymore. There are too many faces that need homes and too many families that are struggling while trying to finish their adoptions. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it. If you can get your family some great deals and have fun doing it, by all means gear up and get out there!

But, if you are looking for an alternative we have one! We've compiled an entire list of families that are fundraising for their adoptions and are selling something in order to do so.
Can you imagine what it would do for them if they wake up on Saturday and have sold out of their items? Can you imagine the hope that it would give them?

Stay, take a look around and shop with us!



(The entire site is owned by an adoptive momma and anything
sold there helps them out)

$15.00 plus shipping

(This is an incredible etsy store so take a minute and look at all of her items! I could 
hardly choose one to show you!!)




And last but not least our very own Give1Save1 t-shirt!!!
The proceeds from our shirt will go to helping us be able to 
attend different adoption events as vendors to
help get the word to other adoptive families that 
there is another option for funding!
We want to be there for other families like you, so will you pay it forward and
purchase one of our shirts today?


Let me know what you are going to purchase or if you know of other
families that are selling items! I'm shopping for my family too!

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