Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I Love Thanksgiving!

It's almost Thanksgiving! Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays--how about you? I think it's because it's all of the good without all of the bad.  Family, food (the food!!) time off work and school, the changing colors…….BUT, no huge focus on buying gifts and spending every last cent you have on unnecessary stuff, stuff, stuff.  (you don't do that? oh.)

 We've been home with our daughter for 3 whole weeks (I'll write more about that later!) so, I'm planning to keep being thankful right on into the Christmas season.  We have been spending lots of time at home, just playing and getting accustomed to being a family of 5 instead of 4.

I'm overflowing with thankfulness this year! How about you? 

What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition??
I'll start with my husband's.  His is playing volleyball with his family after Thanksgiving lunch.  Your turn.  (or leave us your favorite holiday dish or recipe!)
I make green bean casserole every year.  I LOVE it. 
 I add 3 cans of drained green beans, 2 cans cream of mushroom or chicken soup, a splash of milk, salt and pepper,  garlic and onion powder (because I add that to everything) big dash of Worcestershire sauce, french fried onions (<--all of this in a baking dish) stir, stir, stir…..bake at 350 for about 45 minutes, because I like it very done. Sprinkle more onions on top, let them brown and boom!  Done.  And yes, that's the extent of the recipe I follow.   (check the back of the onion box if you need a real recipe!)  Can you tell I'm not a detail person? 

Enjoy the time with your friends and family! Enjoy the fall colors! Enjoy the food! 
Happy Thanksgiving from me to you!

 By the way, if you'd rather not spend your money on crazy stuff, but be a little more intentional, check back here tomorrow!

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