Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome the Pachciarz Family!

Say hello to Robert and Angela Pachciarz and their daughter Julia and son Yuli!

After adopting their son Yuli from Bulgaria in 2011, the Pachciarzes knew that they would adopt again. They assumed that they would be going back to Bulgaria as they loved the country. However, God had other plans for them. Lucy, a two year old girl born HIV+, was waiting for them in Albania. When they saw little Lucy's file for the first time, they watched that first video over and over, and fell utterly and completely in love.  Robert and Angela knew that Lucy was their daughter. Now Robert and Angela and working to quickly complete the adoption. They hope to be traveling in June to bring Lucy home! Follow their adoption at their blog.

Let's rain blessings on the Pachciarz family! Please, give $1 and share by email, blog, and social media!

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  1. Rob, it is so wonderful what you are doing! I will love to support your family in this love story & look forward to seeing how this flower blooms. I currently can only offer my prayers, but be assured that God will find a way for me to help your family financially, even if it be small.