Monday, April 21, 2014

Helping Orphans In Kyrgyzstan

LAMb International works to help the orphaned children in Kyrgyzstan.

The Jeremiah House is a home for orphans in Kyrgyzstan that age out of the orphanage at age 15 with no where to go and no way to earn a living, as they won't legally be allowed to work in Kyrgyzstan for 3 more years. The Jeremiah House gives them a loving home and teaches them life skills such as cooking and sewing so that one day they will be able to live independently. Currently, the Jeremiah House has six former orphanage graduates: Altanye, Vika, Slavik, Aziz, Omerbeck, and Janabeck. They are preparing to receive three more youth who have no place to go after orphanage grade nine graduation.

DaySpring is a home in Kyrgyzstan for five orphaned girls, Jenya, Kristina, Annya, and Ulya. Olga and Costa our the "mom" and "dad" of the home and also have two biological children and a dog.

Both of these homes give the children not only the life skills they need to succeed and the love of family, but they also learn about a God who loves them greatly!

Here is a letter from LAMb International:

Dear Donors

We are a small charity. We work to ensure children have homes – forever families. Our work is to teach, train, and develop pilot projects to demonstrate making a difference in the orphan care movement. Right now we are focused on several very important projects in Kyrgyzstan:

1. Keeping children out of the orphanages and getting them into families –Dayspring

2. Helping gradating orphans who have no hope – find hope and a future –Jeremiah House

We are seeking funds to do repairs on our Dayspring home. We desperately need draft proof windows – to keep summer out and winter out. There are many needs – and we are seeking help from you. Our children need your support:

New Windows for Dayspring: $2,350
Painting Interior Walls: $1450
New Tires for Van: $425
Fix Roof: $750
Make a patio for children’s play: $1120
Fence for yard: $1000
Gate for Fence: $200
Entrance heat and lights: $460
TOTAL $7755

Let's raise the funds, $1 at a time, to help Dayspring and the Jeremiah house make their needed repairs! Can you give just $1 or more? Can share about the need on social media? Please help! All donations to LAMb International are tax deductible!



You can keep up with Lamb International at the links below!


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