Monday, April 28, 2014

Meet Joshua and Kristen

Some people would give up after the heartache of two matches falling through, but Joshua and Kristen have continued to pursue match three... "the little one" that they were confident God would unite them with in His time. Their heart for children in need didn't allow them to sit by idly by and wait for her to come home!

Through an organization called Safe Families for Children, they opened their home to other children in need as a temporary home while their parents worked through "grownup" concerns. They cared for many kids over that first year... until a call about Gia. This little girl had just a few days to find a forever home and she found it!!

They finalized Gia's adoption and then left for Africa in March to start the process of bringing their second daughter home!

Watch their video filmed IN COUNTRY where they are now to hear their other surprise too!

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Follow the families story here...

Thank you for being a part of bringing children in to their forever families! What a blessing you are!


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