Monday, May 5, 2014

The Lee Family!!

It's true. I have a soft spot for China adoptions. 
I love China. I love adoption. 
Combine the two and it's a recipe for giddy excitement.

The Lee family is crazy and lovable and hilarious.

The Lee family already has approval for this sweet little boy.
He is five and has spina bifida.

Um, is he not unbelievably cute?

This amazing family is also waiting on one more file to make the
number of children not one but two that they are adopting!!

You can donate through their Reece's Rainbow account here.

Here is their video:

14_The Lees from Denise Lee on Vimeo.

They also have a bunch of stuff going on over on their blog this month so make sure you
check it out. Plus, they're just kind of cute.

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  1. We are so excited and blessed for the opportunity!!1