Monday, April 14, 2014

The Cartwright Family

 Help me welcome the Cartwright Family! 

When God surrounds you with what this family likes to call "God winks", you can't deny His guidance in each step of the journey...

A prayer from the future big brother. Conversations with friends. Sermons. Dates of importance in their lives becoming dates of importance in the adoption. The country they were being sent to being found plastered in front of their faces.

The one that hit me the most was the prayer of their son for his sister before adoption was even on their radar screen. Melts. My. Heart.

The Cartwright Family is working on becoming a family of 5 as soon as they are able to bring their sweet Annabelle home! I can't wait to share about how special her name is later this week :)

Doesn't doing this every Monday just start your week off right?!?
Okay. Time to do what we do!!

Watch the video. Give your dollar (OR MORE!)

Then, share their story with the world to help there be ONE LESS!!


Giveaway details: Share this post or the link to Give1Save1 website on facebook, your blog, twitter or pinterest and include in the comments #nihaowdy to be entered. You can be entered once daily this week. On Sunday we will have a drawing for two prizes:
1) A strand of black pearls from Guangzhou, China
2) A calligraphy print with your family's name in Chinese
We will get these customized gifts when we travel to China!!

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