Monday, July 28, 2014

Meet the Graney Family!

Happy Monday!

I know, everyone dreads Monday, and the start of their work weeks, but here at Give1Save1, we LOVE Monday's, because we get to introduce you to our new family!

Meet Jesse, Justine, and Payton Graney.  

I'll let them tell you a little about themselves:

"We have one biological daughter named Peyton. She was a surprise at the very start of our marriage. And we know now how much of a miracle she is.When we started to try to conceive our second child we had fertility problems we were never aware of. After many treatments and surgeries we were finally told we would no longer be able to have any more biological children. This was hard news, but we have always known that someday we would be adoptive parents so making the decision to adopt was an easy one! And here we are! On one of the most exciting experiences of our lives:)"

They are currently waiting to be matched with a little boy here in the United States.  Let's roll out the carpet, welcome them as our family of the week.

Head on over to their YouCaring page and donate a dollar.  I'm giving up an iced coffee and donating to them instead, would you join me?

You can follow their process in the Facebook group, Bring Baby Graney Home

Have a Happy Monday!

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