Monday, July 14, 2014

The Bartelt Family

TA. TA.TA!!!
The Bartelt Family already has TA.

TA stands for travel approval.
 It's the very last step before booking tickets and 
going to get your baby.

Which also means it is crunch time for funding. 
So, let's all pull together and send them off without
any extra worries about funding. 
They won't need that.
They need to be bonding and attaching 
without added and unnecessary stress.
We can do this, right?

Visit their family blog here.

Watch their sweet video here.

Wanna Help Us Build Our Family? from Todd Bartelt on Vimeo.

You can give a tax deductible donation at Reece's Rainbow:

we just heard the word that they have a matching grant.
So, you can also write a check in any amount to Hand in Hand and it will be doubled! I know, I know it's a few extra steps and
the cost of a stamp. 
But, really? We can do this!
A few instructions for Hand in Hand.
1. Do not write the Bartelt on the check. Write the Check to "Hand in Hand Christian Adoptions". Write the Bartelts' name on the back of the envelope you mail in for them.
2. The name really, really needs to be visible.
3. Mail it to this address:
Hand in Hand Christian Adoption, Inc.

Todd & Nancy Bartelt

18318 Mimosa Court

Gardner, KS 66030

I'm excited to see what the Lord does for them this week through all of you!

Be Blessed,

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