Monday, April 7, 2014

The Wilson family

Emily and Nathaniel Wilson have been waiting a long time to bring their daughter home from The Congo. 
She is legally already their daughter, but unfortunately they have been stuck because of the country suspending exit visas of adopted children. Right now they need our help to continue to pay for her living expenses and she has been ill so medical expenses have come up as well. 
Please take a minute to watch their sweet video and to donate $1 to them today!!

Here is a word from the family:
"We haven't even brought our daughter home yet, and yet we already feel incredibly 
blessed by having her in our lives! I (Emily) met her in November and felt an immediate bond with her. We spent 4 days laughing, playing, teaching each other new words, dancing, splashing in the water, coloring, and cuddling. God truly blessed our time together. Our boys are good buddies and ask all of the time when their sister is coming home. We have felt blessed every single step of our adoption journey and have had amazing support from our friends and family. Unfortunately, with our unexpected extended wait because of the exit visa ban in the Congo, we are really struggling with our expenses and paying her monthly care fees. We would love to share a piece of our hearts for our daughter through your awesome site. Thank you!!!"

Lyla from Emily Wilson on Vimeo.

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